[ Live Market Classes ] Amibroker Complete Course – Technical Analysis & Algo Trading With Coding In Hindi

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  • Total 14 Session, Each Session will be of 30-45 Minutes
  • Classes will be taken online through webinars with live chat support.
  • Assignments will be given after every session to enhance and improve your skill of what you learned from course.
  • Fees Only Rs.14999
  • Register Before 15 October 2017 and Get Flat 20% Discount On Total Fee.
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What will you learn in this course? 

Why Choose Amibroker For Algo Trading Course?

1). Powerful, easy-to-use and beautiful charts.

2). All the market information at your fingertips.

2). The world’s fastest portfolio backtesting and optimisation.

3). Automation and batch processing, which helps in scheduling Amibroker to start automatically, do the analysis and send email alerts while you are on other work.

4). It has an open ecosystem for Code builders. Amibroker is simple to integrate with dealer APIs and construct information Plugins.

5). AFL( Amibroker Formula Language ), the scripting language of Amibroker, is an Array-based Language. This makes AFL concise and really green.

APSAT Product details

Module 1: Introduction

  •  Concept of Algorithmic Trading
  • Amibroker Overview
  •  Evolution of Algorithmic Trading
  •  Types of Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Module 2: Amibroker Training Course

  • Installing the Amibroker trail software.
  • General Overview of Amibroker and its GUI (Graphical User Interface),
  • Integration with Indian Stock Market with focus on NSE,
  • Download data (EOD and/or Live Data).
  • How to import data into Amibroker,
  • How to view charts in different colours and backgrounds,
  • How to view charts in different time frames,
  • How to make your own custom time-frames,
  • How to add various indicators, oscillators to the charts,
  • How to do Exploration/Scanning & back-testing,
  • How to watch the same stocks in different time frames at a time in a single window

Module 3: Building Strategies

  •  Putting a Trading Strategy into a Code
  •  Basics of Algorithmic Coding
  •  Development of Strategy module
  • Identifiers.
  • Operators.
  • Built-In Functions.
  • The difference between IF and IIF.
  • Using FOR and WHILE loops.
  • Reserved Variables.

Module 4: Basic Technical Analysis

  • Candle Charts
  • support and resistance lines
  • Head and shoulders patterns
  • Double top and double bottom
  • ORB techniques
  • Stochastic & ADX indicator
  • Trading psychology and Risk Management
  • SMA EMA moving averages
  • How to draw trend lines
  • How to identify supports and resistances
  • How to book profits at targets.

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